Bulletin n°10 1994

Technical Meeting, Copenhagen, June 13-16 1993

From the President (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 4-5)
Letter from the Secretary
(Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994,, pp 2-3)
(Ref GCIRC B10, 1994, pp. 6-9)

Plant Breeding

Use of biotechnology in breeding new varieties of winter oilseed rape in Germany
FRAUEN Martin, Germany (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 16-20) 
Stand und Aussichten der züchterischen Entwicklung von Raps (Brassica napus L.) mit einem maximalen Erucasäureegehalt im Öl 
LUHS W., FRIEDT Wolfgang, Germany (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 21-29)
Genotypic effects on microspore culture in a breeding program for high erucic acid content of Brassica napus 
KONTOWSKI S./FRIEDT Wolfgang, Germany (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 30-38)
Biotechnology methods in research and breeding of winter oilseed rape in Poland
KRZYMANSKI Jan, Poland (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 39-40) 
The Integration of biotechnology and conventional breeding in Brassica oilseed improvement
SERNYK Larry, USA (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 41-44)
The status of hybrid systems and biotechnology applications in Canada
DOWNEY R.Keith, Canada (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 45-47)
Evaluation of resistance of winter oilseed rape seedlings to Phoma lingam (Tode ex Fr. Desm) using mycelium test
STARZYCKI M./STARZYCKA E./PSZXZOLA J., Poland (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 48-52) 
Results of investigations on the possibility of CMSpol utilization for winter rapeseed hybrid varieties development
BARTKOWIAK BRODA I./POPLAWSKA W., Poland (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 53-57)
Use of doubled haploid lines in Polish rapeseed breeding
NALECZYNSKA A./CEGIELSKA T., Poland (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 58-62)
Controlled crosses in modifying linoleic and alpha-linolenic acid levels in spring turnip rape (Brassica campestris L.) 
HOVINEN S./LAAKSO I., Finland (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, p 63) 
Biosynthesis and heredity of rapeseed glucosinolates studied by HPCE of intact glucosinolates
LETHENBORG P./MOLLER P., Denmark (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 64-69) 


Regulation of glucosinolate biosynthesis in oilseed rape by nutritional factors
SCHNUG E./HANEKLAUS S., Germany (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 72-78) 
Fertilisation azotée du colza : impact sur l'écobilan
REAU R./WAGNER D., France (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 79-81) 
Etudes sur les virus du colza et leurs vecteurs
REGNAULT Y.,MAISONNEUVE C., France (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 82-85)
Méthodologie de l'évaluation variétale : une nouvelle approche
VANDEPUTTE B.,MESSEAN A., France (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 86-93) 
Möglichkeiten zur Erhöhung der Konkurrenzfähigkeit bei Raps in der Tschechischen Republik
FABRY Anton, VASAK Jan, Czech Republik (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 94-98) 

Rapeseed Product Uses 

Incidence des conditions de trituration sur la valeur nutritionnelle des tourteaux de colza
EVRARD J.,BUREAU Juliette, France (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 100-103) 
Recent research on Canola meal in Canada
BELL John Milton, Canada (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 104-108) 
Die jüngsten Entwicklungen bei Biodiesel
BOCKEY Dieter, Germany (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 109-125) 
Determination of in vivo degradation and transformation of glucosinolates

Structure and properties of ascorbigens and other transformation products of indulyl-glucosinolates ; potential anticancerogens 
FELDL Christa, MOLLER Peter, OLSEN Carl Erik, OTTE Jeanette, SORENSEN Hilmer, Denmark. (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 128-133)


Chemical Synthesis of natural and artificial glucosinolates. New Tools for analytics and biology 
ROLLIN Patrick, France (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 136-141)
Enzymatic Degradation of some natural and synthetic glucosinolates
IORI R JOSEPH B ROLLIN P, PALMIERI Sandro, Italy & France (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 147-154)
Analyse quantitative rapide des glucosinolates du colza par chromatographie en phase liquide isocratique
QUINSAC Alain, RIBAILLIER Daniel, France (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 147-154)
Micellar electrokinetic capillary chromatography as a fast, cheap and efficient HPCE method for separation and quantification of intact and desulfo glucosinolates
LI Pei Wu, MICHAELSEN Soren, MOLLER Peter, SORENSEN Hilmer, Denmark.(Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 155-160)
A Rapid Method for total glucosinolate determination in oilseed rape seeds by means of low resolution energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy
HANEKLAUS Silvia, MURRAY Fiona, SCHNUG Ewald, Germany & Scotland (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 161-166)
L'Analyse des glucosinolates, travaux réalisés par l'Organisation internationale de standardisation et la CCE
Jean-Paul WATHELET, RIBAILLIER Daniel, SEVERIN M., QUINSAC Alain, Belgium & France (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 167-177)
Wild Mustard (Sinapis arvensis L.) and the analysis of Canola (Brassica napus L.and Brassica rapa L.) by NIR and NMR
James K. DAUN, Douglas DECLERCQ, H. Kenneth HOWARD, Kathleen M. CLEAR, C. Thomas THORSTEINSON, Canada (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 178-182)
MECC Determination of aromatic choline esters accumulated in cruciferous seeds and associated to dietary fibres
Charlotte BJERGEGAARD, Lisbeth INGVARDSEN & Hilmer SORENSEN, Denmark (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 183-190)
Indolyl glucosinolates and transformation products. Thereof : Physiological active compounds and their determination by MECC
Christa FELDL, Peter MOLLER, Jeanettte OTTE, Hilmer SORENSEN, Denmark (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 191-197) 


A World market survey on rapeseed prospects
Jan O.F. LAUSTEN, Denmark (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 200-203)
Les Qualités de la graine de colza
Jean-Paul JAMET, France (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 204-205) 
The Impact of CAP Reform on oilseed raped production at the farm level 
Melvyn F. ASKEW, UK (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 206-210) 

Other texts

New Plant Oils : possible applications and economic perspectives
Ernst HEINZ, Germany (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 212-214)
Canola in Australia in 1993
Robert T. COLTON, Rodney MAILER, Australia (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, p 215) 

Rapeseed Bibliography (Ref.GCIRC-B10, 1994, pp 217-240)