Bulletin n°15 1998

Letter from the Secretary
From the President Rodney Mailer
Eulogy for Dr. Bert Craig
Eulogy for Dr. Milton Bell



Argentine Canola
Gustavo VRDOLJAK, Argentina (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, pp20-21)
Canola Production in Australia and the Impact of the National Brassica Breeding Project
Trent POTTER, Rod MAILER, Neil WRATTEN & Phillip SALISBURY , Australia (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, pp 22-23)
Rapeseed in Belgium : Production and Research (Le colza en Belgique - Production et recherche)
Christine CARTRYSSE & Jean-Paul WATHELET, Belgique (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, pp 24-26)
Saturated Fatty Acids in Canadian Canola
J.K. DAUN & D.R. DECLERCQ, Canada (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, pp 27-30)
Rapeseed Production in China
Li DIANRONG & Tian JIANHUA, P.R. China (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, pp31-36)
Oilseed Rape in Denmark 1997
Poul FLENGMARK, Denmark (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, p 37)
Dutch Situation for Winter Oilseed Rape
Pieter DE GROOT, Netherlands (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, p 38)
Development of Oil Industry and Oilseed Rape Production in Poland until 2000
Tadeusz WALKOWSKI & Marek WOJTOWICZ, Poland (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, pp39-42)
Autumn Rapeseed in Switzerland : Overview of Varietal Studies and Possibilities to Use Growth Regulators (Le colza d'automne en Suisse : aperçu sur l'étude variétale et les possibilités d'utilisation de régulateurs de croissance).Didier PELLET & Pierre VULLIOUD, Suisse (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, pp 43-44)
Rapeseed Production in the Czech Republic in 1997
Andrej FABRY, Tschechische Republik (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, pp 45-46)
Canola Production in the United States Grows Steadily Paul L. RAYMER & G. David BUNTIN, Michael J. WEISS, Joze McCAFFERY,USA (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, pp 47-48) 

Plant Breeding 

Rate of Hybridity Required for Full Exploitation of Heterosis in Hybrid Varieties of Winterrape
Andreas BAER, Germany (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, p 50)
Chances and Limitations for the Use of Heterosis in Synthetic Cultivars of Rapeseed
Heiko BECKER, Hans SVENSK & Gabriele ENGQVIST, Germany (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, pp 51-57)
Kosena cms-restorer System in Brassica napus
Jun IMAMURA, Hideya FUJIMOTO & Takako SAKAI , Japan (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, pp 58-61)
Study of Associated Varieties/Composite Hybrids in Plot Trials (Prüfung von Verbundhybridsorten in Parzellenversuchen)
Wolfgang SAUERMANN, Germany (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, pp 62-66)
Influencing Crop Canopy Development in Oilseed Rape through Genetic Variation
A.E. ARTHUR & C.L. MORGAN, U.K. (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, pp 67-73) 


Mapping a Gene of the Blackleg Fungus (Leptosphaeria maculans) Conferring Host Specificity on Indian Mustard
Barbara HOWLETT, Ton COZIJNSEN, Barbara ROLLS & Agus PURWANTARA, Australia (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, p 76)
Development of a Rapid Technique for Early Detection of Pyrenopeziza brassicae (light leaf spot) on winter oilseed rape in the UK
J. FOSTER, A.M. ASHBY & B.D.L. FITT, U.K. (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, pp 77-78) 


Integrated Management of Insect Pests of Canola at Saskatoon, Canada
Gerhard RAKOW, Canada (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, pp 80-83)
Insecticide Resistance of Green Aphids in Rapeseed Crops (Résistance du puceron vert aux insecticides utilisés sur colza)
Yannick BALLANGER, Robert DELORME, France (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, pp 84-85)
Bio-control of Insect Pests of Oilseed Rape Crops
David V. ALFORD, U.K. (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, pp 86-87)


Dietary Fibre Associated Compounds in Different Rapeseed Products
Keld Ejdrup ANDERSEN, Charlotte BJERGEGAARD, Hilmer SØRENSEN, Denmark (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, pp 90-95)
Biorefining of Oilseed Crops as Basis for Molecular Farming of High Quality Products
Chritian Lorentz BAGGER, Jens Christian SØRENSEN, Susanne SØRENSEN , Hilmer SØRENSEN, Denmark (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, pp 96-99) 

Technology & Rapeseed Product Uses 

Successful Marketing for Biodiesel in Germany
Dieter BOCKEY, Germany (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, pp 102-106)
Main Results of the EUROPROTEINS Program
Jacques EVRARD, France (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, pp107-109) 


Comments of the UFOP-Boards about the Proposals made in the ``Agenda 2000'' for Oilseeds (Stellungnahme des UFOP-Vorstandes zum Santer-Paket "Agenda 2000", Teilbereich Ölsaaten)
Hans-Jürgen BERTRAM , Germany (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, pp 112-116)
EU-Statistics for Oilseeds from 1994 to 1998 (Ölsaatenstatistik der EU-Kommission für die Wirtschaftsjahre 1994/95 bis 1997/98) Hans-Jürgen BERTRAM, Germany (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, pp 117-120) 

* Rapeseed Bibliography (Ref.GCIRC-B15, 1998, pp 121-144)