Bulletin n°20 2003



Brassica Seed Improvement Using Genomics Tools
Faouzi BEKKAOUI, Wilf KELLER, Canada
Genetic Studies on GMS in Brassica napus L.
II. Classification and Name of Sterile Gene

Chen Fengxiang, Baocheng HU, Q. LI, X. WU, S. HOU, F. WEI, P.R. China


Analysis of two Pathogenicity Genes of the Blackleg Fungus Leptosphaeria maculans
Alexander IDNURM, Barbara J. HOWLETT, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Effects of the fungicides Caramba (metconazole) and Cantus (boscalid) on oilseed rape diseases
Dr. V.H. PAUL (1), Yong LIU (2), P.D. DAPPRICH (1),S. ROSE (1)(1) Soest, Germany and (2) Sichuan, P.R. China
Effect of Metconazole on plant morphology and formation of yield in Brassica napus
P.D. DAPPRICH1, Yong LIU .1,2, Volker.H PAUL 1 Germany, 2 P.R.China
Studies on pathogenicity of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and susceptibility of Brassica napus to stem rot
Yong LIU (1, 2), Yingze NIU (3), Volker H. PAUL (1), P.D. DAPPRICH (1), H. BUCHENAUER (4) (1) Soest, Germany, (2) Chengdu, P.R. China, (3) Ya'an, P.R. China, (4) Stuttgart, Germany
Population Dynamics of Lipapsis Orysini (Kalt.) :arrival and migration pattern in Tarai, Pantnagar India
Potential benefits of crop-specific models for forecasting light leaf spot severity
A.BAIERL (1), N.EVANS (1), Bruce D.L. FITT (1), P. GLADDERS (2),(1) Harpenden, UK (2) Cambridge, UK


Analytical Aspects
Dr. James DAUN, Canada, Dr. Jean-Paul WATHELET, Belgium
Glucosinolates /
Glucosinolates in Canadian Canola
Dr. James K. DAUN, D.R. DeCLERCQ, Canada
Glucosinolate Levels in Canadian Canola
Dr. Keith DOWNEY, Dr. Roy BUTTON, Canada
Rapesed and Glucosinolates : a survey on the French Situation
Glucosinolates in Rapeseed : must their contents be further reduced ?
Jacques EVRARD, France
Glucosinolatgehalt von in Deutschland erzeugten und verarbeiteten Rapssaaten und Rapsfuttermitteln/Glucosinolate Content in Rapeseed Seeds and Meals produced in Germany
Dr. Wolfgang SCHUMANN, Dr. Manuela SPECHT, Germany
Current Status of Research on Developing Rapeseed-Mustard Genotypes having low Glucosinolate Content in India
Dr. Surinder Singh BANGA, India
Relationship between glucosinolates and the population of Lipaphis erysimi on Brassica spp.
C.P. SINGH 1, P. VISWAKANNAN 1 , S.P. SINGH 2 , R.C. CHIBBER 1 1) Pantnagar-263 145, India 2) Nagar, Uttaranchal, India
Low Glucosinolate Rapeseed Meal - a High Quality Protein Feed from European Production
Dr. Gerhard RÖBBELEN, Göttingen, Dr. Martin FRAUEN, Hohenlieth, Germany 

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