Bulletin n°3 - 1987

Oilseed Growing in Different Countries

Rapeseed Cultivation in Finland
Unto TULISALO, Finland (Ref.GCIRC-B3, 1984, p 11-13) 
Oil Crop Cultivation in Sweden in 1985
Gösta OLSSON, Sweden (Ref.GCIRC-B3, 1984, p 14) 
Le Colza en Suisse
Pierre VULLIOUD, Switzerland (Ref.GCIRC-B3, 1984, pp 15-16) 
Report on rapeseed breeding, agronomy and plant protection, and product uses in Britain, 1985
K.F. THOMPSON, UK (Ref.GCIRC-B3, 1984, p 17-20) 
Breeding spring turnip rape for marginal conditions
Simo HOVINEN, Finland (Ref.GCIRC-B3, 1984, pp 21-23) 
Winter rapeseed breeding
Michel Renard, France (Ref.GCIRC-B3, 1984, p 24-25) 
Factors limiting yield of winter oilseed rape
C.J. RAWLINSON, UK (Ref.GCIRC-B3, 1984, p 26-27) 
Winter growing of oil-rapeseed / Results from a 5-year experience
Lucio TONIOLO, Italy (Ref.GCIRC-B3, 1984, p 28-31) 
Le colza en France, état d'avancement du programme en matière de recherche sur la physiologie de la plante et du peuplement
André MERRIEN, France (Ref.GCIRC-B3, 1984, p 32-36) 
Oilseed rape pollination work in Rothamsted
Ingrid WILLIAMS, UK (Ref.GCIRC-B3, 1984, p 37-38) 
The Effect of Crone on plant structure and seed yield of winter oilseed rape
L.J. SMITH & D.H. SCARISBRICK, UK (Ref.GCIRC-B3, 1984, p 39-41)
Modification of canopy structure with plant growth regulators and consequences for disease incidence
R.D. CHILD, UK (Ref.GCIRC-B3, 1984, p 42) 
White leaf spot of winter oilseed rape in England
E.J. EVANS, UK (Ref.GCIRC-B3, 1984, p 43) 
Chemical weed control in oilseed rape
G. COVARELLI & F. TEI, Italy (Ref.GCIRC-B3, 1984, p 44-47) 
A note on rapeseed meal and reproduction in cattle and sheep
C. ISOBEL & R. HILL, England (Ref.GCIRC-B3, 1984, p 48) 
Lubricants from rapeseed oil
Tapio TAVENIUS, Finland (Ref.GCIRC-B3, 1984, pp 49-50) 
Oviposition in Dasyneura brassicae Winn. (Dipt. : Cecidomyiidae). Adaptive, mechanistic and applied aspects
Inger AHMAN, Sweden (Ref.GCIRC-B3, 1984, p 51) 
Improvement of rapeseed meal quality through breeding for high protein content
Lena BENGTSSON, Sweden (Ref.GCIRC-B3, 1984, p 51) 

GCIRC Bibliography (Ref.GCIRC-B3, 1984, pp. 52-65)