NEWSLETTER 2, January 2019

The GCIRC wishes you a happy new year and full success in your life and activities.

The world production and consumption of oilseeds continue to increase. While total production was 574 million tons (MT) in 2017/18 it is estimated to be about 600 MT in 2018/19, i.e. +5.2%. Whereas this extension is mainly due to larger global soybean production, rapeseed crop is expected to drop from 74 MT to approx. 71 MT (
This decline of global OSR production can be partly attributed to severe weather conditions in parts of the world, particularly Europe. High temperatures combined with missing precipitation all over central Europe have caused disappointing rapeseed yields, e.g. in north-eastern Ger-many. So much the worse, continued drought has impeded winter-OSR sowing so that the ac-tual cultivation and harvest area in2019 will be substantially reduced.
In addition, farmers have been confronted with other challenges in OSR cultivation. One is the growing problem of diseases and insect pests causing yield losses. This issue is partly due to high share of OSR in crop rotations. Simultaneously, in Europe, chemical plant protection is increasingly impeded by regulatory decisions leading to the decline of chemical plant protec-tion agents; this situation is seriously threatening OSR cultivation. Especially in this area, breeding activities need to be strengthened to form the basis for more resilient varieties.
In this dangerous position, positive impulses are urgently needed to stimulate the interest in growing, processing and using rapeseeds in food, feed and other industries. Scientific research is increasingly requested to develop and provide new solutions for agronomy (e.g. resource efficiency, sustainable crop rotations), disease and pest control, as well as alternative uses of rapeseed oil and protein (human consumption) and respectively open new markets in the world.
The 15th Rapeseed Congress 2019 will form an appropriate forum for presenting solutions in these and other fields, and to discuss proven and new approaches for a promising and success-ful future of oilseed rape/canola.

Wolfgang Friedt

GCIRC President

NEWSLETTER January 2019