Financial Support for Students

Coming back to a decision taken by our GCIRC Board Meeting in 2006 concerning Scholarships for students, here are the details of the decision taken to help students to travel and help them in their research.
If you have any question or request, please contact the Secretariat :

Scholarships for students.

Following Board Members' discussions in 2005 and 2006, two goals will be pursued :
- To facilitate international scientific exchanges between labs through increased mobility of students running their Masters of Sciences or Ph. Doctorates.
- To facilitate students’ access to international meetings where they will present results of their ongoing research studies.

Please find here the Application Form for those scholarships.
It has to be fulfilled by the scientific team’s leader supervising the student’s work and sent back to GCIRC Secretariat. The form will give details on the duration, budget and objectives of the mission, and will include a summary of the research study.
The scholarship will only contribute to transportation and accommodation costs.
Students will be requested to write a final report, which will be published on the GCIRC web site.
There will be three deadlines every year (30/04, 30/08 and 31/12) and decisions after consultation of all Board members will be taken within the month following each deadline. For each session, a certain amount of euros will be made available for one or several students according to recommendations given by Board members.
The first session will be open in April 2009.



Request form

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